Due to Covid-related delivery issues, the shop not currently set up for international shipping. Please contact us to request a shipping quote before placing an international order.


Shipping & Policies

How much is shipping? When will I get my order?

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For U.S. domestic shipping, we ship via USPS Priority Mail and charge whatever the actual costs are for shipping (no extra handling fees). We use priority rather than first class because it's faster, it's insured, and it includes tracking - artisan products are expensive and we want to make sure that whatever you purchase arrives to you quickly and in perfect condition. USPS rates are calculated by Shopify during checkout based on size, weight, and distance. To minimize trips to the post office, we usually ship in batches every Friday.

Do you ship internationally?

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Unfortunately, because of the Covid19-related international mail issues, we  currently have the shop set to restrict sales to US. delivery only. Once these issues get resolved, we will look into re-opening international sales on the shop. In the meantime, if you would like to place an order for delivery outside the U.S., please contact us for an international shipping quote. 

What is your return/exchange policy?

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Since we are a small shop, we cannot accept returns or issue refunds. However, we want you to be happy with your purchase. If anything arrives damaged, please contact us and we will work with you to find the best solution.

Please reuse, recycle, or compost shipping materials.

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Not a question really - just wanted to let you know that we strive to use sustainable materials by using recycled, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging and/or shipping materials (even the packing peanuts are biodegradable, they'll dissolve in water!). Please reuse, recycle, or compost shipping materials once you receive your items. Thanks!


Why are handcrafted/artisan dice so expensive?

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We want your dice to be as flawless as we can get them. Handcrafted dice take hours and hours of work to complete. Tandem Random resin dice are entirely handcrafted - we design and print our own masters and create our own molds.

Each die is mixed, cast, finished, inked, and polished by hand. Each die is a tiny work of art! This means each die is unique and absolutely one-of-a-kind. We are makers, not manufacturers. We make small batches so even if we revisit similar styles in the future, you know that your set is uniquely your own. We list everything separately so you know that what you are purchasing is exactly what is pictured in the item listing.

When pricing, artisan dice makers have to factor in the cost of materials, the amount of time and labor, and the complexity and/or uniqueness of the set. Time and labor includes research and development, printing and crafting masters, creating molds, designing the dice, mixing, pouring, finishing, polishing, and inking. If a set has multiple colors of mica/ink or unique inclusions or multi-colored ink, the materials and time required to complete the set could be significantly more. Each set is different so the amount of time needed to complete can vary a lot. For example, our crystal clear dice have low materials costs, but they are probably the most labor intensive dice we make because getting them that clear takes a lot of precision in the mixing and pouring stages and the finish has to be essentially flawless. 

We don’t “grade” our dice because we don’t list it unless it passes our high quality standards. Prices for a single D20 start at ~$35 per die. Full 7-piece sets start at ~$130 per set - the full set includes D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, D20.

Are these dice the same size as commercial dice?

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The sharp edges can make handcrafted dice *seem* bigger, but our dice are actually slightly larger than standard plastic commercial dice (see photo below for reference comparing one of our sets to a commercial set). For example, our D20 is about 22mm, a standard D20 is about 19mm.

We also have a monster D20 that will show up in the shop from time to time (with playable numbering, not countdown) that is about 45mm!

How balanced are handcrafted dice?

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Perfectly balanced TTRPG dice don't really exist. Balance will depend on the design and whether it has non-resin inclusions, air bubbles, etc., but we do everything we can to not throw the balance off during the crafting process. Our handmade dice are completely functional and playable (and the corners are really sharp though, so please be careful!).

What if the dice I want are sold out? How often will you have sales?

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Since all our dice are unique, we can't guarantee that a set will come back... but if there is something you are interested in seeing in the shop again, let us know!

Our plan as we head into starting to carry dice in our shop is to just always have dice in stock in our shop, then regularly announce re-stocks on our website and social media as we complete more dice. We know the one-of-a-kind aspect will probably factor into how much of a mad, crazy rush it is every time ... but we don't want every dice sale to feel like Black Friday with people trampling each other to get to the dice!

The *scarcity* factor in how most dice sales are run is really stressful (for both the maker and the buyer). We love what we do and don't want the stress of a big high pressure sale situation to ruin that :). This approach has worked with our dice boxes and other things, so we are hopeful that it will work with dice too!


How should I care for my wood items?

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There are no stains or dyes added to change the color or appearance of the wood. Unless listing states otherwise, multiple coats of clear satin finish ensure that items are as water resistant and durable as possible.
All of our wood products should be handled and cleaned like fine wood furniture or other solid wood products to protect the finish. Avoid extreme temperatures. Don’t soak them in water or leave standing water on them for long periods of time. For coasters, make sure to dry them thoroughly immediately after use (especially in the engraved grooves).

Why are the wooden items not priced the same for all wood options?

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Stock availability varies. We use a variety of domestic and exotic hardwoods. Some are just easier to source than others. Costs for different woods vary widely and that difference is reflected in item pricing.

If you would like any of our products made from a specific wood type that you don’t see listed or if you have specific appearance requests, we’d love to hear your ideas! Contact us to discuss a custom order.

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