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Birch Dice Box w/rolling tray lid

Birch Dice Box w/rolling tray lid

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Perfect for taking your favorite dice set with you to game night (or makes a great gift for the gamer in your life!) - a solid hardwood RPG dice box w/mini-rolling tray lid! 

Items are  hand-crafted so each box will be unique with variations in wood grain, color, or other unique characteristics. We cut each box from the same stock piece to minimize waste and ensure consistency in grain and color across the base and lid. Pieces are then hand-sanded and finished with multiple coats of clear satin urethane to create a durable finish that lets the natural wood color/grain come through.

Strong rare-earth magnets hold dice base and rolling tray lid together. The design features interlocking base/lid pieces so they won't slide off each other in your bag (just twist each piece in opposite directions and lift away to get the magnets to let go!).

Each dice box is approximately 1.5" tall (~3/4" for each part). Outer diameter is 4 inches. Rolling dice tray is approximately 3.5" wide by 1/2" deep.

*This box will fit a full 7-pc set of polyhedral dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D%, D12, & D20). Dice box only. Dice and other items in images are not included with purchase.

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